Published Wrimos

Since 2006, hundreds of novels first drafted during NaNoWriMo have been published. Below, you’ll find our celebratory list of those books that began during NaNoWriMo.

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Traditionally Published

Author Novel Title Publisher Year of Publication
Katya de Becerra Oasis Macmillan 2019
Curtis C. Chen Waypoint Kangaroo Macmillan :: St. Martin’s Press 2016
Joy E. Fetters A House Divided (The Empire of Tarn Book 1) Beacon Publishing Group 2019
Kate Wyer Black Krim Cobalt Press 2014
Kaitlin Caul Life After Redby Renaissance Press 2018
Michele Israel Harper Kill the Beast Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing, LLC 2018
Olivier Sted De Bergbouwers van Metis Bidenk (The Mountain Builders of Metis Bidenk) Zilverbron 2017
Mary K Tilghman Divided Loyalties Black Rose Writing 2017
Karleen Christopher Domi Nostrae—Royce Pentergasp Michael Terence Publishing 2018
Martin Bodek The Emoji Haggadah Ktav Publishing House 2019
M.A. Hinkle Death of a Bachelor Ninestar Press 2018
Ene Sepp Jagatud Suvi Tänapäev 2018
Cass Morris From Unseen Fire DAW Books 2018
Tina LeCount Myers The Song of All Skyhorse Publishing 2018
Paige L. Christie Wing Wind Prospective Press 2018
Marilyn Baxter Direct Deposit Boroughs Publishing Group 2015
Jonathan M. Lazar Bound by Roses Black Rose Writing 2016
Clarissa Goenawan Rainbirds Soho Press 2018
Pär Karlsson Soft Matter Dark North Art 2018
EA Comiskey Curmudgeon Scarsdale Publishing 2019
Fran Dorricott After the Eclipse Titan Books 2019
Karina Yan Glaser The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2017
Charlotte Hawkes Encounter with a Commanding Officer Harlequin :: Mills & Boon 2017
Charlotte Hawkes The Surgeon’s Baby Surprise Harlequin :: Mills & Boon 2016
Lee Markham The Truants Duckworth Overlook 2017
Sonja Dewing Toy of the Gods Creativia 2017
Laura VanArendonk Baugh The Songweaver’s Vow AEclipse Press 2017
Anita Cassidy Appetite RedDoor Publishing 2017
Laura VanArendonk Baugh So To Honor Him AEclipse Press 2014
Laura VanArendonk Baugh Kitsune-Mochi AEclipse Press 2013
Laura VanArendonk Baugh Con Job AEclipse Press 2014
Violette Woods Sweet Temptations Siren Publishing 2016
Jovana Rodolakis Forever in Hollywood The Wild Rose Press 2015
Alison Evans Ida Bonnier Publishing 2017
Mary K. Tilghman Divided Loyalties Black Rose Writing 2017
Riley Long Falling Apart MLR Press 2015
Lizzie Ross Kenning Magic Saguaro Books 2013
Joanna Volavka Threadwalkers 50/50 Press 2017
Laurie Axinn Gienapp The Weatherman Smoking Pen Press 2016
Mairi Laurik Novembriöö kirjad Tänapäev 2017
Mairi Laurik Mina olen Surm Tänapäev 2016
Tuuli Tolmov Aristarkhovi Meetod Tänapäev 2017
GJ Maher Moon Over The Mediterranean Brolga Publishing 2017
Amanda Witow Legend’s Legacy Prairie Owl Publishing 2016
Bella Osborne A Year in Ottercombe Bay HarperCollins :: Avon 2017
Bella Osborne A Family Holiday HarperCollins :: Avon Impulse 2016
Thomas Fenske A Curse That Bites Deep Wings ePress 2016
E.G. Wilson Voiceless (Voiceless Duology #1) Atthis Arts 2017
Madeline Dyer Divided Ineja Press 2017
Sarah Nicolas Dragons are People, Too Entangled Publishing 2015
Roger C. Lubeck Ghost in Horseshoe Canyon It Is What It Is Press 2017
Roger C. Lubeck Port Royal It Is What It Is Press 2015
Roger C. Lubeck Key West It Is What It Is Press 2016
Mareth Griffith Court of Twilight Parvus Press 2017
Michelle Karl Silent Night Threat Harlequin 2017
L.B. Schulman Stolen Secrets Boyds Mills Press 2017
Jack Guffey Ärynnhart Macmillan Publishers 2017
Dan Koboldt The Rogue Retrieval HarperCollins 2015
Steve Wilson Who Wants To Live Forever Harlequin :: Carina Press 2014
Steve Wilson The Element of Death Harlequin :: Carina Press 2014
Elizabeth Harmon Getting It Back Harlequin :: Carina Press 2016
Elia Winters Purely Professional Harlequin :: Carina Press 2014
Elia Winters Playing Knotty Simon & Schuster :: Pocket Books 2015
Stephen R. Clark The Hungering Dark: Awakening HarperCollins :: WestBow Press 2016
J.C. Lane Tag, You’re Dead Penguin Books 2016
Jennifer S. Brown Modern Girls Penguin Books :: New American Library 2016
Amy K. Sorrells How Sweet the Sound David C. Cook 2014
Amy K. Sorrells Then Sings My Soul David C. Cook 2015
Nathan Croft Homunculus and the Cat Curiosity Quills Press 2015
Sonja Yoerg Middle of Somewhere Penguin Books :: New American Library 2015
Zoe Jay Mackenzie Intoxicated Wow and Flutter 2015
Selden Edwards The Lost Prince Penguin Books :: Dutton 2012
Anna Sheehan A Long Long Sleep Random House :: Candlewick Press 2011
Laura Dreiže Deja ar nāvi (Danse Macabre #1) Zvaigzne ABC 2015
A.J. Thomas The Way Things Are Dreamspinner Press 2015
Laura Dreiže Zem mākslīgām zvaigznēm (Danse Macabre #2) Zvaigzne ABC 2015
Laura Dreiže Debesu lauskas (Danse Macabre #3) Zvaigzne ABC 2015
Sherri McCarthy Roses in the Dust Tate Publishing 2013
Sherri McCarthy Shores of the Heart Tate Publishing 2015
A.K. Morgen Fall Curiosity Quills Press 2013
Kat Yeh The Truth About Twinkie Pie Hachette Book Group 2015
Anika Werkmeister Liebe mit Knalleffekt BoD 2015
Jewel Thomas Eleven Pounds: It Came to Pass Dogear Publishers 2015
Lenore H. Gay Shelter of Leaves She Writes Press 2015
Curious Violet A Bedtime Story for Lauren Blurb 2015
Craig Lancaster 600 Hours of Edward Lake Union Publishing 2012
Paul McGoran Paying for Pain New Pulp Press 2015
Elizabeth Haynes Into the Darkest Corner HarperCollins 2013
Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger Veneri Verbum Chizzy Press 2015
L.V. Ana God is a Tuscaloosa Drug Addict Angels of Anarchy 2015
Brian C. Johnson The Room Downstairs Snow Leopard 2015
Elizabeth Stevens unvamped Caliburn Press 2015
A.K. Morgen Fade Curiosity Quills Press 2012
Ophélie Bruneau Et pour quelques gigahertz de plus Ad Astra 2012
Cal Armistead Being Henry David Albert Whitman & Company 2013
Anne Lyle The Alchemist of Souls Angry Robot 2012
Anne Lyle The Merchant of Dreams Angry Robot 2012
Anne Lyle The Prince of Lies Angry Robot 2013
Rina Grant The Astronauts (ex The Plague) Astrel, Moscow 2012
Hallie Durand No Room for Dessert Atheneum Books for Young Readers 2012
Claudia H. Long Josefina’s Sin: A Novel Atria Books 2011
Chrysler Szarlan The Hawley Book of the Dead Ballantine Books 2014
Gayle Brandeis Self Storage Ballantine Books 2007
Rebecca Agiewich BreakupBabe Ballantine Books 2006
Jill Hathaway Slide Balzer + Bray 2012
Julie Murphy Side Effects May Vary Balzer + Bray 2014
Teri Brown Born of Illusion Balzer + Bray 2013
Amber Stockton Liberty’s Promise Barbour Publishing 2010
Anthony Francis Blood Rock Bell Bridge Books 2011
Kalayna Price Once Bitten Bell Bridge Books 2009
Josie Gordon Whacked Bella Books 2008
Marlene Leach The Inscrutable Mr. Elizabeth Bella Books 2012
Siri Caldwell Earth Angel Bella Books 2013
Francesca Segre Daughter of the Bride Berkley Books 2006
Kimberly Llewellyn Cashmere Boulevard Berkley Books 2007
Robin D. Owens Heart Secret Berkley Books 2012
Jody Casella Thin Space Beyond Words/Simon Pulse 2013
Lisette Erdtsieck Reis van de Zeemeermin Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland 2013
Serene Conneeley Into the Mists Blessed Bee Publishing 2013
Alex Kost Heroics Book Baby 2013
Alice Scarling Lacrimosa Bragelonne / Milady 2014
Linda Ulleseit On a Wing and a Dare Briona Glen Publishing 2012
Thais Miller Our Machinery Brown Paper Pub 2008
T.M. Wallace Under a Fairy Moon Brownridge Publishing 2011
Martha Lea The Specimen Canongate 2013
Sean O’Mordha Tales for a Sleepless Night Celtic Publications 2013
Erika Mitchell Blood Money Champagne Books 2013
Francesca R. D’Amato I draghi dei Visconti Compagnia della Rocca Edizioni 2010
Pablo Roy Leguisamo Los Pérez viajan a Marte Criatura Editoria 2012
Laila Blake By the Light of the Moon (Lakeside #1) Crimson Romance 2013
Rachel Cross Rock Her Crimson Romance 2013
Susan Arden Tempted by Trouble Crimson Romance 2013
Traci Douglass Seal Of Destiny Crimson Romance 2013
Jen Haeger Moonlight Medicine: Onset Crowded Quarantine Publications 2013
Briana Lawrence Treat Me Kindly Damnation Books 2013
Jane Harrington Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best-Friend Must Do In Europe Darby Creek Publishing 2006
Jason M. Hough The Darwin Elevator Del Rey Books 2013
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Persistence of Memory Delacorte Books for Young Readers 2008
Donna Gephart Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen Delacorte Books for Young Readers 2012
Lena Hampton Jack & Diane Dewy Moss LLP 2013
Michele Kimbrough Prudence Dewy Moss LLP 2013
Melissa Landers Alienated Disney Hyperion 2014
Kurt McCrohan Human Nature DMon Publishing, LLC 2013
Thomm Quackenbush Artificial Gods Double Dragon Publishing 2013
Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus Doubleday Books 2011
Grace R. Duncan Choices Dreamspinner Press 2013
Jill Baguchinsky Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator Dutton Juvenile 2012
Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss Dutton Juvenile 2010
Suzanne Vanweddingen Le Dernier train Editions Kirographaires 2013
Jo Ann von Haff Les Yeux de Léon Editions Láska 2014
Domi Milani Infinda – A Bela Imperatriz e o Rei dos Contos de Fadas Editora Multifoco 2013
Aura Conte Controvento Edizioni Il Pavone 2013
Shienny M.S. Ther Melian Discord, Ther Milian Genesis Elex Media Komputindo 2011
Alexa Day Illicit Impulse Ellora’s Cave 2013
Cassandra Carr Impact Ellora’s Cave 2012
Cricket Starr Shanghaied Ellora’s Cave 2012
Dee Carney Intimate Whispers Ellora’s Cave 2011
Delphine Dryden How to Tell a Lie Ellora’s Cave 2009
J. Rose Allister Full Moon Fire Ellora’s Cave 2012
Jory Strong Dylan’s Witch Ellora’s Cave 2013
Missy Jane Too Much to Lose Ellora’s Cave 2013
Edgar Franzmann Millionenallee Emons-Verlag 2009
Mary Duncanson Trouble Comes Knocking Entangled Publishing 2013
Nikki McCormack The Girl and The Clockwork Cat Entangled Teen 2014
Eric Hendrixson Bucket of Face Eraserhead Press 2010
Téa Cooper Matilda’s Freedom Escape Publishing 2013
Nikki Prince Demon Tempted Evernight Publishing 2013
Molly Looby ZA Fangs, Claws and Wings Publishing 2013
Marissa Meyer Cinder Feiwel & Friends 2012
Sarah Dooley Livvie Owen Lived Here Feiwel & Friends 2010
Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen The Compound Feiwel & Friends 2008
Anna Scott Graham Drop the Gauntlet FEP International 2009
Matthew Willis Daedalus and the Deep Fireship Press 2013
Suzanne Lazear Innocent Darkness (The Aether Chronicles) Flux 2012
James R. Strickland Looking Glass Flying Pen Press 2007
Lani Diane Rich Wish You Were Here Forever 2008
Shannon Richard Undone Forever 2013
Simon Haynes Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch Fremantle Press 2008
Dave Anthony Love and Struggle: Beyond the Rubber Estate GerakBudaya Enterprise 2012
Kathy Cano-Murillo Love Shine Grand Central Publishing 2007
Kristyn Kusek Lewis How Lucky You Are Grand Central Publishing 2012
Megan Bostic Never Eighteen Graphia 2012
Tina DC Hayes Poison, Perennials, and a Poltergeist Grey Gate Media 2013
Mette Minderup Blink: En kærlighedsroman Gyldendal 2009
Sissel Chipman Den Spretne Ponnien Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 2012
Pamela Cook Blackwattle Lake Hachette Australia 2012
Paige L. Christie Draigon Weather Prospective Press 2017
Challa Fletcher #MeBeingMe Lanico Media House 2017
J.M. Frey The Untold Tale REUTS Publication 2015
J.M. Frey Triptych Dragon Moon Press 2011
Peggy Barnett Lips Like Ice Circlet Press 2015
J.M. Frey The Forgotten Tale REUTS Publications 2016
John Marshall The Greenfather Three Rooms Press 2017
Ben Parris Wade of Aquitaine Blueberry Lane Books 2017
Mary Carlomagno Best Friend For Hire Simon & Schuster 2017
J L Doucette Last Seen: A Dr Pepper Hunt Mystery She Writes Press 2017
Theresa McGarry Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life Omni.Media 2016
Graça Torre Amor por Contrato Other/Not Listed 2016
Christa Avampato Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters Possibilities Publishing Co. 2017
K. Ancrum The Wicker King Macmillan Publishers 2017
Clodagh Murphy Frisky Business Hachette Ireland 2012
Jody Bailey Day Washout Express Harbourlight Books 2013
Emmie Dark In His Eyes Harlequin 2012
Harley Jane Kozak Keeper of the Moon Harlequin Nocturne 2013
Hannah Pole Silence of the Wolves Harlequin: Carina UK 2013
Patty Smith Hall Hearts in Hiding Harlequin: Love Inspired Historical 2012
Marion Faith Laird Dainger County Deputy Harlequin: Love Inspired Suspense 2014
Jenna Bayley-Burke Just One Spark Harlequin: Mills & Boon 2006
Alison Stine Supervision HarperCollins 2015
Bonnie MacBird Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure HarperCollins 2015
Bruce Lyman Flowers of Baghdad HarperCollins 2012
Jason W. LaPier Unexpected Rain HarperCollins 2014
John Ayliff Belt Three HarperCollins 2015
Laura Salters Run Away HarperCollins 2015
Lauren Gibaldi The Night We Said Yes HarperCollins 2015
Lexie Dunne Superheroes Anonymous HarperCollins 2014
Shanna Germain Leather Bound HarperCollins 2013
Susan Dennard Something Strange and Deadly HarperCollins 2012
Melissa DeCarlo The Art of Crash Landing HarperCollins :: Harper Books 2015
Sara Gruen Water for Elephants HarperCollins: Algonquin 2007
Rachael Herron How to Knit a Love Song: A Cypress Hollow Yarn HarperCollins: Avon 2010
Vanitha Sankaran Watermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages HarperCollins: Avon 2010
Amanda Arista Diaries of an Urban Panther HarperCollins: Avon Impulse 2011
Helen Keeble Fang Girl HarperCollins: HarperTeen 2012
Sarah Ahiers All That Remains HarperCollins: HarperTeen 2015
Liz Coley Pretty Girl-13 HarperCollins: Katherine Tegen Books 2013
Julia Crouch Cuckoo Headline UK 2011
Ingrid Pointecker Herbstsplitter Homo Littera 2013
Betsy Cornwell Tides Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2013
Vanessa Ricci-Thode Dragon Whisperer Iguana Books 2013
Julie Flanders The Ghosts of Aquinnah Ink Smith Publishing 2013
Roger C. Lubeck Captiva It Is What It Is Press 2013
Jeff Adams Hat Trick JMS Books 2013
Joann Lee Broken Star JMS Books 2013
Leska Beikircher The Second Wave JMS Books 2013
Autumn Rosen My Four Fathers & Eleanor John Hunt Publishing 2013
J. A. Kazimer CURSES! A F***ed Up Fairy Tale Kensington 2012
J. H. Trumble Don’t Let Me Go Kensington 2011
Rhonda McKnight What Kind of Fool Kensington 2012
T. Greenwood The Hungry Season Kensington 2010
Sidney Bristol Drive Kensington Books 2015
Tamara Geraeds Christopher Plum en het Zwaard der Wanhoop Kensington Books 2015
Barbara Kellyn The Company She Keeps Kensington Books :: Lyrical Press 2011
Barbara Kellyn Morning Man Kensington Books :: Lyrical Press 2012
Saranna DeQylde How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days Kensington: Brava 2012
Elysabeth Williams London’s Calling Kensington: Lyrical Press 2012
Holley Trent Calculated Exposure Kensington: Lyrical Press 2013
Jessica Zellman Odonata: City of Night Kensington: Lyrical Press 2011
Rachel Green Viridian Tears Kensington: Lyrical Press 2013
Harry Hol Bagage L. J. Veen 2010
Jo Ann von Haff Aujourd’hui ne se termine jamais L’ivre-Book 2014
Stephanie Radcliff Wytches Lean Publishing 2013
Karen Harrington Sure Signs of Crazy Little, Brown and Company 2013
Terie Garrison SummerDanse Llewellyn Worldwide 2007
Kevin Marman In The Day Longmarsh Press 2013
Becky Black Patient Z Loose Id 2013
Joyce Mangola Ghosts in the Mirror Lycaon Press 2013
Rachael Lucas Sealed with a Kiss Macmillan :: Pan Books 2013
W.C. Bauers Unbreakable Macmillan :: Tor/Forge 2015
Gennifer Albin Crewel Macmillan: Farrar, Straus & Giroux 2012
Antony Millen Redeeming Brother Murrihy: The River To Hiruharama Maple Koru Publishing 2013
E. Catherine Tobler Rings of Anubis: Glass & Gold Masque Books 2013
Karen M. Cox Find Wonder in All Things Meryton Press 2012
Devorah Fox The King’s Ransom Mike Byrnes and Associates, Inc. 2013
Julia Durand Segredos do Submundo: A Herdeira Minerva Coimbra 2010
Lisa Shea Aspen Allegations – A Sutton Mass. Mystery Minerva Webworks 2013
Maria Friedner Besvärjelser och beskydd Mix förlag 2013
Diana Doerr Aurora in geheimer Mission Monsenstein und Vannerdat 2013
Elizabeth Haynes Revenge of the Tide Myriad Editions 2012
Fayette Fox The Deception Artist Myriad Editions 2013
Leigh Statham The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl Myriad Editions 2015
Marivi Soliven The Mango Bride NAL Accent 2013
Stuart Thaman …But Esau I Hated Nef House Publishing 2013
Scott Wakefield Steam Patriots Noble Beast 2012
Janetta Fudge-Messmer Early Birds Winged Publications 2016
Mary Victoria Johnson The Ashes and the Sparks Fire and Ice YA 2016
Shauna Pendleton Kiss Me Deadly Young Street Publishing 2016
Tamara Boyens Under Dark Sky Law Supposed Crimes 2016
Jeffrey Cook Mina Cortez: From Bouquets to Bullets Melange / Fire & Ice Books 2015
Jeffrey Cook Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk Writerpunk Press 2015
Jeffrey Cook Once More Unto the Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 Writerpunk Press 2015
C.A. King The Portal Prophecies: Frost Bitten Kings Toe Publishing 2015
Elia Winters Combustion Samhain 2015
Madeline Dyer Untamed Prizm Books 2015
Madeline Dyer Fragmented Prizm Books 2016
Leslie Welch The Goodbyes Blue Moon 2016
J.C. Lane Tag, you’re Dead Poisoned Pen Press 2016
Eilis Barrett OASIS Gill Books 2016
Kristan Cannon The Last Iron Horse KCEditions 2015
Lenore H. Gay Shelter of Leaves She Writes Press 2016
Morwen Navarre Ghost’s Dilemma Torquere Press, LLC 2015
Kristine Kruppa 27 Days to Midnight Giant Squid Books 2016
Dave Barrett It’s All Fun and Games Inkshares 2016
Kris Shields Imperfect Mermaid JK Publishing 2016
Laurie Jeffers Luke Aloysius: Bloodline Light in the World Enterprises, LLC 2016
Jennifer Levine Summer Secrets Mascot Press 2016
James H Longmore Pede Black Bed Sheet Books 2016
Paul McGoran The Breastplate of Faith and Love New Pulp Press 2016
Michelle Karl Outside the Law Harlequin :: Love Inspired Suspense 2017
Aria Glazki Tasting Temptation Anika Press 2016
Brian C. Johnson The Room Downstairs Snow Leopard Publishing 2016
N. J. Hanson An Empty Swing Other 2016
Madeline Dyer Untamed Prizm Books, the YA imprint of Torquere Press 2015
Chloé Bertrand Positive Way Milady (Bragelonne) 2014
Brian Greiner Darkness Creeps Forth Damn Fool Press 2014
Brian Greiner Darkness Comes Reaping Damn Fool Press 2015
Paul McGoran The Breastplate of Faith and Love New Pulp Press 2016
Mary Victoria Johnson The Ashes and the Sparks Fire and Ice Publishing (YA imprint of Melange Books, LLC) 2016
Elizabeth Schechter Heart’s Master Circlet Press 2017
Skye Allen Pretty Peg Harmony Ink Press (imprint of Dreamspinner Press) 2014
D. VonThaer Niles B.A.S.E.D. Press 2012
Tracy Barrett My Freefall Summer Penguin Random House: Charlesbridge 2017
Magdalena Owczarek Po moim trupie Novae Res 2014
Beck Anderson Fix You Omnific Publishing 2013
Kiwani Dolean The Library Onirica Edizioni 2013
Keris Stainton Jessie Hearts NYC Orchard Books 2011
Abigial Lee Chosen To Race iHomeEducator, Inc. 2015
AE Stueve Former The Novel Fox 2015
Alex J. Cavanaugh CassaFire Dancing Lemur Press, LLC 2012
Amy Leigh Strickland Rescue OR, Royer Goldhawk’s Remarkable Journal Matter Deep Publishing 2013
Angela Drake Somewhere Down the Line Boroughs Publishing Grp. 2014
Angela S. Stone Boots on the Ground Phaze Books (Mundania Press LLC) 2012
Angela S. Stone Sometimes It’s Fate Phaze Books (Mundania Press LLC) 2012
Anjali Roongta Welcome To Olympus High-Summer Term Chutti Publishers 2014
Ann Lewis Hamilton Expecting Sourcebooks 2014
Aria Glazki Mending Heartstrings Swoon Romance 2014
Aurélie Mendonça Zombitions Rebelle Editions 2014
Ayush Kashyap No Trace MS 2014
Beau Hall Snapshot Booktrope 2015
Bérengère Rousseau Rédemption Editions du Riez 2015
Birdwell Brown Gospel Truth Atheist Republic 2015
Britney King The Bedrock Trilogy, Somewhere With You, Around The Bend Hot Banana Press 2013
Bru Baker Island House Dreamspinner Press 2013
Bru Baker Finding Home Dreamspinner Press 2014
Bru Baker King of the Kitchen Dreamspinner Press 2015
C.L. Pauwels Forty & Out Deadly Writes Publishing 2014
Cairenn Rhys Marching For Camelot JPH Chicago 2015
Carrie Anne Noble The Mermaid’s Sister Skysacpe (Amazon imprint) 2015
Chanda Stafford First Red Adept Publishing 2013
Chris Tetreault-Blay Acolyte Bloodhound Books 2015
Debbie Manber Kupfer Argentum (P.A.W.S. Book 2) Rocking Horse Publishing 2014
Deirdre Sullivan Needlework Little Island 2015
Dick Erwin Three Months Authorhouse 2014
DJ Davis Courageous Cain Champagne Books 2015
Doug Lloyd Memory Dreamspinner Press 2015
Douglas Mendel The Adventures of Carrie the Koala and Karl the Kangaroo iUniverse 2014
Elle Clouse Stealing the Wolf Prince Etopia Press 2015
Ene Sepp Väike roosa pilet paradiisi Tänapäev 2015
Erin Burnett Liza’s Avenger Flagship Fiction 2015
Haley Dean Keep it Blue Sunbury Press Inc. 2015
Heather C Wright Strong Fort Spathi Heather C Wright 2013
Ian Schrauth Powers In a Teenage Witch Starboat Press 2015
Jamie B. Laurie The Big Summer iUniverse 2014
Jennifer Brozek The Little Finance Book That Could Bookshaker 2010
Jessica Dall The Copper Witch 5 Prince Publishing 2013
Jessica Taylor Wandering Wild Egmont USA 2015
Jo Ann von Haff Aujourd’hui ne se termine jamais L’ivre-Book 2014
Jo Ann von Haff Les Yeux de Léon Éditions Láska 2014
Joseph Bernard The World According To GUS Wild Ginger Press 2015
Joyce Hertzoff The Crimson Orb Assent Publishing 2014
JR Gershen-Siegel Untrustworthy Riverdale Avenue Books 2014
JT Lawrence The Memory of Water Rebel ePublishers 2010
Julie L. Rowse Lies Jane Austen Told Me EAB Publishing 2015
Julmar Holguin Life After Ruth Banna 2015
K. Lynn His Womanly Ways Torquere Press 2015
Karla Akins The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots Pelican Book Group 2013
Kate Muus Secret of the Seeds Hedgehog & Fox 2015
Kiwani Dolean The Library Onirica Edizioni (Milano, Italy) 2013
Kristan Cannon After Oil KCEditions 2014
Lady Sable Aradia The Witch’s Eight Paths of Power: A Complete Course in Magick and Witchcraft Red Wheel / Weiser 2014
Lauren E. Mitchell The Triad Trial Less Than Three Press 2015
Lauren James The Next Together Walker Books 2015
Magdalena Owczarek Po moim trupie Novae Res 2014
Mara Li Eiland in de Mist Storm Publishers 2015
Marie Evergreen The Quinn Chronicles: Quinn The Electric Scroll 2015
Mary McMahon Seeing Red: Tribal Tribulation Brighton 2013
Mary Potter Kenyon Coupon Crazy: The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America’s Extreme Obsession Familius 2013
Mary Victoria Johnson Boundary (Other Horizons Trilogy Book One) John Hunt (Lodestone Imprint) 2015
Matthew Lang The Secret of Talmor Manor MLR Press 2010
Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo The Mosquito Hours Thorncraft Publishing 2014
Mina MacLeod Swords, Sorcery, and Sundry Less Than Three Press 2014
Nicole A. Gramlich Carla’s Rivet Secluded Fairy Publishing LLC 2014
Nicole Sarrocco Lit by Lightning: An Occasionally True Account of One Girl’s Dust-ups with Ghosts, Electricity, and Granny’s Ashes (Occasionally True Novels) Chatwin Books 2015
Ophélie Bruneau L’Ouroboros d’argent Éditions du Chat Noir 2013
P.C. Kelley If You Don’t Eat Pork… Why Vote Republican Middle Class Man LLC 2015
Paul McGoran Made for Murder New Pulp Press 2015
Paul Mortimer Ravenhart Strawberry Pirate 2014
Peter Dawes Eyes of the Seer (The Vampire Flynn, Pt. 1) Crimson Melodies 2011
Peter Dawes Rebirth of the Seer (The Vampire Flynn, Pt. 2) Crimson Melodies 2012
Peter Dawes Fate of the Seer (The Vampire Flynn, Pt. 3) Crimson Melodies 2014
Raven Oak Amaskan’s Blood Grey Sun Press 2015
Robert L. Slater All Is Silence Rocket Tears Press 2014
Samuel Snoek-Brown Hagridden Columbus Press 2014
Scott Perkins Howard Carter Saves the World Crooked Cat Books (UK) 2015
Summer Brennan The Oyster War Counterpoint Press 2015
Susan B. James Time and Forever Soul Mate Publishing 2014
Susan Thogerson Maas Picture Imperfect Ashberry Lane 2015
Tess L. Janka Suddenly Fairies 2015
Thomas Fenske The Fever 2015
Trisha Slay Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away Deeds Publishing 2013
Valerie Buttler Family Trust 2010
Vanessa Barneveld This Is Your Afterlife Bloomsbury Spark 2014
Yusuf Toropov Jihadi: A Love Story Orenda Books 2015
Randy Fasig El Chupacabra Outskirts Press 2013
Teresa L. Perin Consent Outskirts Press 2013
Sr Maria Grace Dateno, FSP The Gospel Time Trekkers Series Pauline Books & Media 2014
Alan Averill The Beautiful Land Penguin Books 2013
Russell Potter PYG: The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig Penguin Books 2011
Jon F. Merz The Destructor (Lawson Vampire Novels) Pinnacle Books 2003
Lisa Daily The Dreamgirl Academy Plume 2008
Alayna Williams Dark Oracle Pocket Books 2010
Lindsay Crane The Lie-Catcher in the Primate House Print and Pixel Books 2012
Danielle Myers The Last Burning of New London RainTown Press 2013
Carrie Ryan The Forest of Hands and Teeth Random House 2009
Hugh Howey Wool Random House 2012
Robin Stevens Murder Most Unladylike Random House 2014
Sharon Cullen His Saving Grace Random House 2014
Katherine Webber Wing Jones Random House :: Delacorte Books for Young Readers 2015
Caroline Fréchette Blood Relations Renaissance Press 2013
Riley Hill Deep Naked Riverhouse Lit 2013
A.J. Walkley VUTO Rocket Science Productions 2013
Debbie Manber Kupfer P.A.W.S. Rocking Horse Publishing 2013
Karen Stivali Then, Again Samhain Publishing 2013
Robyn Bachar Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered Samhain Publishing 2013
Ally Kennen Berserk Scholastic Books 2007
Ally Kennen Sparks Scholastic Books 2010
Stephanie Watson Elvis & Olive: Super Detectives Scholastic Books 2012
Liz Hegarty Salt River Scholastic New Zealand 2009
Jonathan Esterman Vengeance Scripted Genius 2013
Marcy Luikart River Braids Sea Hill Press 2013
Maureen McGowan Cinderella: Ninja Warrior Silver Dolphin Books 2011
L.M. Brown Only in Your Dreams Silver Publishing 2013
Jessica Burkhart Take the Reins Simon & Schuster 2007
Jeyn Robert Dark Inside Simon & Schuster 2011
Shoshanna Evers The Pulse, Book 1 in the Pulse Trilogy Simon & Schuster :: Pocket Books 2014
Denise Jaden Losing Faith Simon Pulse 2010
Pamela Fagan Hutchins Leaving Annalise SkipJack Publishing 2013
Letty James Mistress for Hire Soul Mate Publishing 2013
Erica Cameron Sing, Sweet Nightingale Spencer Hill Press 2014
Annette Warsönke Die Wahrheit steht zwischen den Seiten Spielberg Verlag 2013
Lydia Netzer Shine Shine Shine St. Martin’s Press 2012
Nora Zelevansky Semi-Charmed Life St. Martin’s Press 2012
Rainbow Rowell Fangirl St. Martin’s Press 2013
Mara Li Eiland in de Mist Storm Publishers 2015
D. F. Krieger Wolves and Warrants Sweet Cravings Publishing 2013
Kristen Austgen Futility Tate Publishing 2013
Stephanie Kastan Karakochuk Release Me Into the Midnight Sky Tate Publishing 2013
Diana Sousa Inicio Temas Originais 2010
Eliza Wyatt Painted The Book Patch 2013
Jaden Terrell A Cup Full of Midnight The Permanent Press 2012
Jaden Terrell River of Glass The Permanent Press 2014
Vinton Rafe McCabe Death in Venice, California The Permanent Press 2014
Edix The Love Thief The Prism Book Group 2013
Kim Votry My Own Magic Third Place Press 2012
Brian Willson Lydia Three Islands Press 2013
Mary Robinette Kowal Shades of Milk and Honey Tor 2010
Ashavan Doyon Loving Aidan Torquere Press, Inc. 2013
Leza Lowitz & Shogo Oketani Jet Black and the Ninja Wind Tuttle Publishing 2013
Johnnie Alexander Donley Where Treasure Hides Tyndale Digital First 2013
Hannah Biemold In het hooi Uitgeverij Vuurpapier 2010
J. A. Campbell Sabaska’s Tale Untold Press 2013
Sabrina Zelezný Kondorkinder: Die Suche nach den verlorenen Geschichten Verlag Mondwolf 2013
Karen R. Thorne Hearing Voices: Walk-Ins Welcome Visuallusions Lightsource Publishing 2013
Cecile Duquenne Entrechats Voyen 2010
Jon Batson Mars Quake Wavelength Publishing 2013
Retha Groenewald The Four Faces WestBow Press 2013
Dana Sachs The Secret of the Nightingale Palace William Morrow 2013
Ellena R. Landara The Field of Digital Forget Me Nots Zvaigzne ABC 2011
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